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SMART Travelers Book Their Vacation Through a Travel Agency!   WHY?  Travel Agents obtain Lower Rates than the  ‘unknowninternet.com’  80% of the time.


An Experienced Travel Agent…       vs        www.unknowninternet.com...

Always Considers Your Best Interests.                       Has it’s Own Agenda.  Close the

                                                                                 Sale.  Get Your Money.


Is Relationship, Service & Value Driven.                    Is Sales Driven.  NO Regard for

                                                                        Your vacation, Experience, Memories.


Respects Your Time, Providing QUICK,                    Eats UP A LOT of Your Time. After

  Accurate Quotes, w/Details that FIT                       Hours of Research, are You Certain

  Your Style, Desires & Budget.                               You HAVE the Best Price & Value??


Provides a Detailed Description of                          NO Guidance, Description or Review

  Payments, Penalties, Cancellations                               of the Penalties / Restrictions.

  & Restrictions.  Wouldn’t You Prefer                      Can You Find w/Assurance these

  The Knowledge & Friendly Assistance                     Answers in the Maze of Clicks

   Of an EXPERT in the Field?                                   & Information in the Site?


Uses INDUSTRY AUTOMATION, the Agency                    What “POPS UP” first, ‘PAYS’ to

   Pays for & is Trained to Use.  The                          “POP UP” first.  Does that mean…

   Information is Quick, Accurate, Complete.                Best Option, Value, Price???


Has Years of Travel Experience, Completing              Sells What Makes the Site Money.
Continuing Education Courses.  If Booking                             Nothing more.               
Travel was so EASY, WHY is Continuing                                                                

            Education So Important?                                                              


Is Your Advocate Before, During & After                   Is there someone to speak with if

    Your Vacation.  They Value Your                            You have Questions?  Who is your

    Business & Want You to Return.                           Advocate or Knowledgeable Guide

                                                                                      To Obtain Retribution?


Provides Consultation & Professional                        Books Your Vacation & Takes Your

   Advice to Ensure Your Expectations                          Payment.  How Confident are

   Are EXACTLY what You Seek.                                  You the Vacation Property/Trip

                                                                                Is What You Paid for & EXPECT?



Has Office Hours & can Easily be Reached                If You CAN  Call, are You able to

   to Answer Questions,                                   Speak w/Someone who Knows, understands

   Offer Assistance & Guidance.                                  Your Preferences, Experiences, concerns

Will Provide the Specials & ‘Industry Loopholes’,       Does the Website Tell You What to

    While Sharing Know How & Suggestions                  Do, What to Avoid, Where the          

   To Give You the BEST Vacation Experience.          Applicable Specials are to SAVE $$ ?



The Luxury of using a Professional Travel Agent …

We SAVE  You Money & Time, Providing Unbiased & Relevant  Information for Your Entire Vacation Experience.  Booking Direct or www.unknowninternet.com

Does NOT Mean a Lower Price, nor, Unbiased Travel Information.


Everyone Wants to Save Money & TRY to Do Things Themselves, Thinking by Doing So, They’ll Save Money. There is a LOT MORE to KNOW When Booking  Travel than Just a Few Clicks.  Self Booked Vacations Often RESULT in FAR LESS, yet MORE Costly than Anticipated.  Do YOU Want to Leave Your HARD EARNED, LONG AWAITED, Vacation to CHANCE ??


Additionally, when people purchase services of any kind, in most cases they are actually purchasing TIME.  IE: Doing taxes isn’t necessarily hard, but very time consuming. When hiring a professional tax preparer, you are actually purchasing TIME. The reason the oil changing business works is people would rather trade a few dollars to have someone else change their oil, than spend the time themselves.  Booking travel w/a travel professional WILL SAVE TIME, & MONEY, which is more than other services offer!


       Studies Show   Travelers Experience the BEST Vacations & are the HAPPIEST & Most

            SATISFIED,  When They’ve Booked Through a Travel Agency!


More & more frequently, the unknown internet sites fail to include the numerous & nebulous ‘Extra’ Charges & fees, in the hopes to gain an advantage against the honest & unbiased travel professionals who state the entire price –accurately– up front.  When this happens, the purpose is obvious:  The site hopes you will see the lower price, forget to figure in taxes & other charges/fees, & buy their product on the erroneous assumption it’s cheaper.  To avoid fraudulent intent & obtain accurate, complete pricing before you make your purchase, consult & book w/a travel agent!



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